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We are a group of independent micro-tourism operators committed to representing and highlighting this important sector. 


We believe micro tourism can play a key role in boosting the economy in parts of Wales that other industries can't get to.


We aim to benefit local people and strengthen economic resilience in rural communities while enhancing appreciation of the lifestyle, language and landscapes of Wales.


Lobbying, learning and linking opportunities for sensitive, small-scale tourism businesses across Wales

**See our last report (28/10/20) outlining MWT's position regarding the second lockdown, more to come re. the current lockdown!

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Our Mission


Lobbying government

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Exploring best practice

Exchanging Ideas

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What is Micro Tourism?

In today’s fast-paced, globalised world, we find ourselves longing for more personal, grounded experiences, and for deeper connection with nature and with each other. 


Micro-tourism is the newly-coined term for small-scale, sensitive tourism.

Micro-tourism offers unique experiences which are inspired by – and foster connection with – place and people.  We aim to benefit local people and strengthen economic resilience and culture in rural communities.


Tourism generates £8 billion revenue in Wales, and employs 14% of the working population, yet 80% of tourism businesses in Wales have less than 10 staff. These small and medium businesses are the backbone of Wales’ distinctive tourism offering. 


We are here to support one another and to represent our members, especially in these challenging times. Please reach out and join us to learn more!


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        Read our latest Covid-report (sent on 28th October to Ministers, Senedd Members          and Media)


Look forward to hearing your thoughts and staying in touch!



Our first campaign

In our first campaign, we petitioned decision-makers, highlighting the features of micro-tourism - in order to position the sector in the appropriate place within the re-opening programme for Welsh tourism, post-lockdown.


We were able to access MPs, Senedd Members, and key decision-makers.

Our position remain the same as we enter the third lockdown in 2021:


"We are calling for an open dialogue with Government to develop plans to safely re-open the sector, which considers the needs of micro tourism within the broader tourism sector.


We understand the current need to protect the Welsh healthcare system and most vulnerable people while at the same time safeguarding the Welsh economy and its small businesses and jobs, and avoiding longer-term health effects of recession and job losses in the country.


Micro tourism is uniquely placed to be at the forefront of re-opening Welsh tourism since we are small operators with a limited number of guest units, remotely located, well-spaced and with private bathroom facilities"

Click the button below to see the text of the letter sent to Welsh Government AMs. From the start of the Covid crisis we talked with MPs and MSs as well as  industry bodies including the Welsh Tourism Alliance and the cross party group on tourism.

We have been very busy indeed - representing micro-tourism at the highest level - and, now that re-opening has, in large part been achieved, we aim to continue to lobby for the sector going forward.

Micro Tourism Wales continues to lobby for the industry, as we go in to 2021, and face a new wave of uncertainty - highlighting the features of micro tourism that make it a particularly appropriate holiday for the times we live in.


We have highlighted that organised tourism through July and August 2020, did not result in a spike in infections; we believe that organised and functionally safe tourism is an important control on the spread of the virus - and without this, informal unpoliced tourist visits, with all their attendant issues, will inevitably have a detrimental effect on local health outcomes.

If you would like to read the original letter, that started our first lobbying campaign, please click the link. You can see the results of our first survey of members here too.

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